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Humans...They make up the majority, run Alustra, Pacea, The Ring Isle, and have a big stake in the Free-Nation States. Nuff Said.

Hexellian (Merfolk)
Native to Fulcrum. They are amphibious beings that live in all depths of the oceans, between Fulcrum’s main continent of Allustria and the shallow waters in the Great Ring Isle, and are the dominant race in the Nation of Hexellia (which encompasses the territory they control in the middle-depths of the ocean). Though humanoid, they have the features of all manner of sea creature that serve to help them swim and distinguish their position in their complex caste system. They can live outside of water, but are far more comfortable in a salt-water environment. When out of the water, their bodies secret a layer of mucus that allows them to breathe, but also make them more open to illnesses and the elements. They make quite powerful mages that specialize in illusions, aura magic, and other protective magic that they use to manipulate the seas vastness against their foes. They live in near isolation and mostly come into conflict against sailors and other sentient beings that call the oceans their home.

 Native to Fulcrum. The Nullnauts are nautilus-like (squid-like creature with shells over their heads) beings that live in the deepest depths of the oceans surrounding Allustria. Being cephalopods, Nullnauts cannot live outside of water, but in the depths of the sea are quite powerful and live in small groups called “Cadre”. They are arrogant creatures that use their telepathy to overpower and control the minds of weaker beings. Nullnauts are sworn enemies of the Hexellian Empire and several wars have been fought when a large group of Nullnauts attempts to assault a Hexellian city. Luckily, these events are mostly kept to small raids, the Nullnauts far too uncommon and far too quarrelsome to build a large enough threat against the Hexellian Empire.

Native to Fulcrum. These amphibious toad-like creatures live in the swamps of Allustria, with a sub-race of “Salt-Gluggers” living in caves off the coast, and are known for their hideous appearance and temperament. These cruel and stupid humanoids live in tribes ruled by a matriarch, her daughters serving her, and the males working as hunters and mates to their Glug-Queen. These creatures are known to raid human settlements and eat any humanoids that cross through their territory. It is not uncommon for Gluggers to cooperate in exchange for a larger territory or to fight a common enemy.

Native to Fulcrum. These humans are uniquely features, with two large horns like those of a ram or goat, a long tail with hair running from their tail bone to the tip, and unusual skin tones/ eye colors. Unfortunately, their appearance, paired with their cunning and guile, has given this race a bad reputation amongst other humans. While, they argue that they’re simply a human offshoot that developed a complex capitalist society in the bays and mountains of their homeland, other humans call them “fiend-blooded”. The worst enemy to their reputation is their own actions; Malakites have a reputation for organized crime, political corruption, and even taking part in piracy.

"The Old Ones" (Lacrozian Vampires)
Native to Fulcrum. Vampires are found in all corners of existence, but the vampires of Fulcrum have the reputation of being quite a lot older and quite a lot more sophisticated than their often more predatory kin. The Lacrozians were believed to have once been Fulcrum’s race of elves and controlled a large territory in the East of Fulcrum. Then, an enemy cursed the elves to steal their immortality. Suddenly, they felt the years come crashing down. The elves that survived did so by calling upon black magic to turn themselves into life-draining vampires. They maintained their beautiful visages and pointed ears, but also gained a pair of pointed teeth, psychic powers, and other dark abilities.

Native to Fulcrum. The small and friendly race of fair folk; in varieties of mice, shrews, hares, rabbits, fox, skunks, badgers, weasels, stoats, ferrets, otters and other small furry critters, the Nymbles have a reputation for their incomparable kindness, humility, and innocence. This naiveté has made the land they share side by side, with “big folk”, the target of raids and attacks for millennia. Yet, Pacea may see dark time but it is always saved; the only thing greater than their kindness of the Nymbles are their courage and the smallest Nymble knight is as brave as his human counterparts
Orgs (Orcs)
Native to Fulcrum. The Orgs of Gruul-Nar have earned the respect, through acts of brutality or acts of bravery, of all the peoples of Fulcrum. The Orgs of the Jungles of Nor have only earned the fear of civilized peoples of Fulcrum. The Org tribes wage constant war on each other, living by a code of honor and revenge, and mostly keep their own kind in check to prevent their ranks from overwhelming neighboring nations.
The Builders (Dwarves)
Native to Fulcrum. Just as the elves were once a mighty force to be reckoned with in the realm of Fulcrum, so were the stocky dwarfs. Their ancestors, often called “The Builders”, earned their name by building all the major structures, cities, and even the White Walls of Allustra.The Dwarfs left today are a broken people; made up of small families and bands of rogues, using their ancestor’s crafts to make their living.

Lich (Skeletons)
Native to Fulcrum. A particular brand of necromancy is popular amongst the necromancers of Lucrozia, and the end goal of such men and women is to become a skeletal lich. After all, bone is stronger than flesh and flesh can be turned against you. Bones can be rebuilt from stone and dust and can be formed into such interesting shapes. Furthermore, a vampire or a witch can’t use the blood or hair of a Skeletal Lich against them. These evil beings lead great hordes of skeletons in attempts to conquer kingdoms, gain more power, and discover better paths to immortality.

The Heralds of Virtue (Angels)
Native to Fulcrum. The embodiment of the virtues that all good peoples of Fulcrum hold dear; the angels take on the features of their virtue, as well as the features of those they protect, with the angels of the Malakites often having horns, the angels of Hexellian’s being amphibious, and the angels of the Nymbles having features of beautiful beasts. But the angels of this land have no gods to follow, or they’re another race of gods long fallen, and they are not in enough number to do much but guarder their planes of honored dead.

Fiends (Demons)
Native to Fulcrum. The people of Fulcrum have a funny way of looking at demons. For one, they don’t believe that they have to fear any damnation and the demons of their land do not come from any hellish realm. The demons don’t care about what these people think. They care about the witches, the liches, and the org cultists that would foolishly open a gate to their realm and allow them to descend on the sinners and innocent alike.

Minotaurs of the Fire Mountains
Native to Fulcrum. These bull-headed and hoofed humanoids, seeming muscular brutes, are capable of more in Fulcrum. Part of complex and secretive religious cults in the Fire Mountains, they are scholars and history keepers, as well as warriors. Few have earned the respect enough to speak with these short-tempered creatures, but those who do can learn more than the eldest Lacrozians.

Native to Fulcrum. Born of the collective life cycles of the forest, Tree Folk, or "Tree-Herds" are the wood elementals that live in all woods of Fulcrum; with small forests have one or two saprolings about or a deep, dark wood, hiding entire societies of the race with the single most simple motivation of a any race; to preserve their woods. The Tree-Folk of Fulcrum have a mixed reputation, often seen as good spirits, but when joined by figures believed to be tree-folk, such as the Rot Prince, their reputation becomes seedier.

Witches & Hags
Native to Fulcrum. Usually born of humans and occasionally other humanoid races, Hexellian merfolk for instance, witches usually start their lives with a dark event; an abusive father, witness to a grisly massacre, or anything else that might turn them against the world of men and seek to control through cruelty. Witches usually use their powers to play cruel trick on humans, especially men, and revel in misery. Some witches have less petty goals and use their powers to manipulate great schemes, often rewarding subordinates and anyone else who they can use to complete some part of a scheme generations in the making, but others use cruel curses to punish the smallest offense. Witches often live solitary lives, but will meet at the full moon for a Coven of Three and, if so powerful, Four. The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone, and sometimes, The Queen.

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