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The Red King is the embodiment of war and vengeance, the god of wrath, and in a land of unconquered peoples is the most powerful agent of change in the world of Fulcrum. He is the leader of the Five and rules all he can with a iron fist of flame. Since invading Fulcrum, he has taken to the role of the rightful king quite seriously, and has set himself upon a throne of fire in the Mountains of Nor.

From there, he leads vast armies to conquer all that the sky touches, and even something things beneath the rock and the sea, with an army of its own peoples. While other members of the Five wage war with nothing but monstrosities and abominations, The Red King prefers to enlist and "evolve" the Orgs, the Rorrani warriors, the Alustran defectors, and even the Minotaurs of Nor into his Red Legion.

The Red King values earned loyalty, practiced discipline, and ambitious ferocity, but he only loves two things; the drumbeats of war and the love of his Queen.


The White Queen is the fairest of them all; but is also the most arrogant and most cruel of the Five and her rule is the most absolute. White her King conquers all he can, she has chosen to take the white cities and white walls of Alustra as her own kingdom and all within it her "beloved and loving subjects" whether they want to be or not.

From her palace in the center of Alustra, she has cast much of the land a in a cruel, but beautiful winter that is only broken up by the lands of her brothers and sisters. The nobles of Alustra and Pacea that wish to keep their power and influence quickly kowtowed to her eminence, but even then she only allows only the most beautiful and proud to stay by her side.

Her own servants are clockworks monstrosities; her "little toys" as she calls them and that's how she sees the world; everywhere is hers to rebuild in her image and everyone is her toy to bend to her will and her glory. The Queen is said to only bow to the King, but her pride might make her the only one willing to disobey a direct order or disrespect the power of the Red King.


While the other gods are willing to rule from afar, the Black Knight prefer a more direct approach and plans to take happiness and life from all that he can; at the behest of his brother, the only being he serves and fears, the Red King.

Leading an army of undead abominations, automatons, and bizarre extra planar beings, the Black Legion may be smaller than the Red Legion, but is far more feared. The Red Legion soldiers will simply burn your corpse and maybe eat your flesh; the Black Legion will kill you, bring you back to life, and have you killing your neighbors in a week.

The Black Knight is all about manipulation through fear and, where his brother sicks a chaotic army in a rather orderly fashion, the Black Knight leads an organized army on a whim, destroying all that have slighted him and all that would please him to be destroyed. The Black Knight is the least trustworthy member of the Five and most willing to ignore an oath or deal. He is cowardly, but strong enough to only fear a few, and love only one...


"Digusting" barely covers the despicable greed and gluttony of the beast that they call the Blue Baron and no beast is simultaneously more complex and simple. The Blue Baron's desires are simple; he wants more and more. His strategies to increase his holdings and his true motivations are ingenious and insane.

Taking up residence in the Free-Merchant Nation ports and manors that would be foolish to refuse this gluttonous monstrosity, The Blue Baron has become an economic leviathan that circles the world of Fulcrum and controls everything. Every purchase, every bargain, and every pilfered good have begun to become linked to this sick being somehow and the fatter he gets, the leaner everyone else seems to get.

A monster that serve his brethren by funding their projects, his ultimate goal might simply be to have a monopoly on everything. After all, only a fool would compete with a merchant who literally devours his competition.


Carnal desire is all the concerns this capricious fiend. Taking up residence in a forest that touches borders with Pacea, The Wurmwood, and The Witch Marsh and seems to be taking over the land foot by foot, the Green Lady seems almost uninterested in anything that lies beyond her forest and is content to play prey for would-be-heroes if only to turn the tables on them.

While her siblings seem to conquer and trample on the natural beauty of the lands, the Green Lady's forest conquers all in its wake and a village unlucky enough to get in the way will be lost before the next full moon. Her goals are simply to enjoy the pleasures that she can and she enjoys nothing more than enchanting fools with her beauty to consume them.

She starts by conquering his heart and, from there, uses men and women alike until they're lost in their primal desires, only to become beasts or become soil in her wild forest. She is the embodiment of all that is attractive and all that is cruel in nature.

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